How to join Turbokids?

Would you like to be a Turbokid? How to join Turbokids Triathlon Club?


Our Club is a not-for-profit club and none of our coaches receive a fee for their services. We do however have to pay for a few admin. expenses, insurance, and costs of organising  the training sessions e.g. swimming lanes booking fees.

We are able to offer a very competitive membership of £12/month/ child payable at the start of every term (you do not need to pay if your child is off e.g. during the summer holidays). The membership includes access to all training sessions. Should you child join half-way during the term, the membership will be pro-rated. 

The other expense to consider is the Turbokids dri-fit tee-shirt that our members will proudly wear during training and races. It is subsidised by the club, the cost to parents is only £6.

We are also working on our Turbokids tri-suit for the race season. 

We offer a 2 week free membership for all junior members to come and experience Triathlon.

Please complete the form below prior to coming to the first training session (for Health & Safety and insurance purposes).

2015/2016 Membership Form (including trial membership)